After a record breaking dash to the gate for the final leg of our trip (we were the last passengers to board thanks to our delayed connecting flight and the deathly slow shuttle between terminals), Erin and I enjoyed a very uneventful, albeit sleepless, trans-atlantic journey to Rome.



Customs was a bit of a joke; they barely glanced at our passports. Within 15 minutes of landing, we were shepherded into a snazzy Mercedes van with two other couples. Luckily for us, we were the last stop, and were treated to a complimentary tour of the city (Trevi fountain, Colosseum, and Piazza Venezia).

Our bed and breakfast, the Ancient Trastevere, consists of a single suite on the second floor of a medieval building. It’s basically like having our very own apartment in Rome. Elisabetta, the owner, stocks the breakfast pantry each day, but other than that we’re on our own.

We settled in, took a nap, and then set out to explore Trastevere. Our first priority was to get something in our bellies since the last thing we’d eaten was a US Airways Danish. Winding cobble stoned streets and crazy drivers added a little adventure to our food hunt. Since everything looked equally yummy, we decided to go with some old fashioned pizza.


Because you can never have too much of tomatoes and bread, a little bruschetta while you wait for your pizza.


One pizza probably would have been sufficient.

After dropping our enormous leftovers off at the room, we headed back out in search of gelato. Trastevere at night is even more magical than the Champlain Valley Fair (something those of you who have experienced the fair with me will find hard to believe — mullets and deep fried oreos spell out fairyland splendor for me). Anyway, gelato was not hard to find, and we caught some music in Piazza Santa Maria, did a quick tour of Santa Maria, a 12th century church, and then called it a night.

Erin diligently preparing for the next day’s adventures.

Buona notte!


5 thoughts on “Arriviamo

  1. I already love this blog and can’t wait for the next post…I’m so glad that Rome is more magical than the Champlain Valley Fair – and hopefully you don’t have the same experience yelling things out like “I’m going to be sick.” And “why won’t this ride end?” 🙂

  2. Redmond says “Hello”‘, he is settling quite comfortably into the household here, although not sleeping with us yet!
    Loved those pictures of your first Italian meal, pizza was our first too!
    Love, Mom and Dad

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