Limoncello’s Revenge

Well, the limoncello got the best of Erin.

At least for a little while. We didn’t get the same early start as the other mornings. But, by 11:30 we were out the door to catch the bus to the Colosseum.



Our Colosseum tickets got us in to the Palitino and the Roman Forum. This area was a nice contrast to the frenzied pace of the rest of the city — olive tree-lined paths and fresh drinking water gurgling out of ancient fountains.

From there, the Capitol building was a short walk. The steps to the top put the Spanish steps to shame!


At the top, Erin poked her head through a ramshackle, wooden door, to discover this:

20111023-222829.jpgChiesa di Santa Maria in Aracoeli

We headed back to Trastevere by way of Isola Tiberina, the world’s smallest inhabited island, crossing Rome’s oldest standing bridge, the Ponte Fabricio.

We wrapped up the evening with another delicioso dinner in the hood. This time at a more respectable hour.



3 thoughts on “Limoncello’s Revenge

  1. It’s Monday morning here and we’re getting ready to head off to work and bringing Red home for the day. We so wish we were with you in Rome!
    Enjoy every minute… And it looks like you are.
    Love you both…

  2. Hysterically funny photo of Erin feeling the bite of the Limoncello. But it looks like she recovered nicely by dinner time. Love those ramshackle doorways that lead to magnificent things. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Ok, so even I’ll admit I’ve been slacking in the comment department. This blog is a fabulous idea! Since I didn’t fit in the luggage (I tried when you ladies weren’t looking) I feel like I am partaking on your wonderful adventure. Italy looks incredible! The food, the wonderful beverages ( as demonstrated by E), all look amazing! Can’t wait for the next post!!

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