Benvenuti a Sorrento

Today we left Rome, braving Italian public transit for the first time (unless you count the “hop on hop off” buses…); it was quite the treat. Actually, the train from Rome to Naples was pretty luxurious – even in second class. Although, in all of the confusion of navigating Termini station, we forgot to validate our tickets, which caused Erin an immense amount of stress, as evidenced below.


I figured we could just play dumb, which really wouldn’t be playing at all. In the end, it didn’t even matter, and Erin was able to sit back and enjoy some refreshments for the rest of the ride.


The Naples train station was incredibly easy to get around, and we found the platform for the local train to Sorrento, the Circumvesuviana, in no time. Don’t be fooled by the fancy name – this was the sketchiest train I’ve ever travelled on.

20111025-224128.jpgThis is not a smile; my lips are pursed in disgust.

Sorrento was at the end of the line, and as soon as we got off, there was nothing. No signs telling us where to go, no place to buy bus tickets as promised by Rick Steves, nothing. After 3 hours of train travel, most of it on the gross Circumvesuviana, we had little patience to spare. We finally found the right bus stop (after sitting at the wrong one for about 15 minutes), and a short ride up a cliff side road, the Hotel Minerva welcomed us.


20111025-224952.jpgOh look, Mt. Vesuvius!


The view from our balcony speaks for itself.


When we’d finally stopped drooling over the view, we freshened up, and trekked back into town for some more breathtaking views (and oversized seagulls).



And, of course, we stopped for some pre dinner treats.


We had dinner at the hotel, and enjoyed a well-deserved glass of wine in the lounge.



11 thoughts on “Benvenuti a Sorrento

  1. Oh my goodness, Hotel Minerva looks absolutely wonderful! And that view! WOW…
    It’s Tuesday afternoon as I write this, Dad is stopping at Home Depot once again on his way home from work for some plumbing supplies, and some floor levelor, funny how old homes are not square! Anyway, Dad will work in your bathroom tonight, and then Red will come home with him. All is well here…
    Enjoy, and thanks for posting.

    • As much fun as installing the tub sounds, we’ll probably stay put for the time being! What do you mean our home isn’t square?? Miss you, give Red a kiss for us (haha), and thanks for the regular comments!

  2. Just home from L.A. tonight and glad to see your pictures, they wouldn’t open on the Blackberry. Off to Portland Thursday. Not nearly as exciting as Italy, but I live vicariously through Mad About Moreau.
    love, love, love

    • I knew there must have been a good reason we hadn’t heard from you in a bit! Next time we’ll all go together!! Miss you!!

      Love – the Bean

  3. Okay, today I have to comment! Your trip looks sooo fabulous and Hotel Minerva is just exquisite with the balcony and the incredible views. I’m glad you did the blog because I don’t feel like I’m missing you every day at work. Miss our morning chats and laughs. Have a great rest of your trip and I can’t wait for more posts from you and Erin. – Marcia

  4. WOW, I want to be there too! The view is amazing – I went to check on Red and Amy today they both seem to be doing pretty well! Love this blog!

  5. These pictures are absolutely amazing. I think I know the destination for Spring Break 20__. You two can be the tour guides. It is a great to see you are having so much fun!

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