Oh yeah, the Pantheon

Luckily, Erin studied her maps Sunday night; otherwise, we would have completely missed the Pantheon. I’m not sure how that major historical site managed to fly under our radar!



20111025-152535.jpg Breakfast of champions at the Pantheon (note the Fanta).

We meandered aimlessly for the next few hours until we got hungry.

20111025-152723.jpg Our first and only meal outside of Trastevere.

Posed in front of, and sat on, some ruins.



We returned to the capitol steps; this time to ride the elevator to the top of the building. I know Rick Steves does not agree, but the view from here was the best in the city.



We crossed back over the river and explored some more side streets in our neighborhood.


For our last dinner in Rome, we met up with one of Erin’s oldest friends, Sara, who just happened to be here this week for work. They’ve been friends ever since their third grade teacher made them make macaroni maps of Cuba. They had a lot of time to catch up since our waiter forgot to put our order in. At least we got a free appetizer out of it, and the carafe of wine also helped.



One thought on “Oh yeah, the Pantheon

  1. I am so glad you saw the Pantheon, truly one of our favorite wonders of Italy! And how cool was it to hook up with Sara in Rome!
    Can’t wait to hear of your next adventure. Be safe as you travel… And enjoy every moment.
    You both are looking very Italian! Ciao.

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