Paradise Trovata!

We boarded the ferry for Capri, a little island off of the Amalfi coast, on Friday morning. 25 minutes later, we entered Capri’s port — a boat heaven for Erin.20111029-081308.jpg

A little more swanky than the Champlain ferries20111029-085548.jpg

Just a little bit of a scenic vista while you wait for the bus

Our first stop was the blue grotto. Getting there required a trip up the cliff side in the funicular to the town of Capri, a scary bus ride to the other town on the island, Anacapri, and then a less scary bus ride to the blue grotto itself.

Only one other couple was on the blue grotto bus with us, and when we arrived no other tourists were in line, so within 10 minutes we were on a teeny row boat ready to go in.


We had to snuggle with the other couple in the boat as we scooched down low to pass through the grotto’s narrow opening. And then we were inside.



Video of the deft maneuvering of the rower

By the time we got out, the line was ridiculously long, and these unlucky souls probably spent hours waiting for a free boat. We, on the other hand, now had the entire rest of the day to explore Capri.

We caught the bus back to Anacapri and from there we road a chair lift up to the top of Monte Solaro, the highest mountain on the island, for some awesome views of the coastline.





I was a little less fearful of my life on the bus ride back to Capri town. Back in town, we strolled through the high-end shopping district. I have never seen so many designer stores in one place, not even on Rodeo Drive (that may be an exaggeration, but, then again, per capita it’s probably true). Anyway, my point is, this island is really fancy. They even have fancy taxis.


Since Erin has been such a good sport with me and climbing every single set of steps we come across, it was only fair for me to return the favor. We spent the last half hour or so before our ferry arrived walking the docks and checking out the boats of the (presumably) rich and famous.


While we waited for the ferry back to Sorrento, we enjoyed a mini bottle of Prosecco.



2 thoughts on “Paradise Trovata!

  1. Dad and I are in awe of that coastline.We can see why you said you could get used to Capri, scenic heaven and boat lovers paradise.
    It’s Saturday morning here, beautiful sunrise and now on to work the bathtub scene! Can’t wait to see you and hear more!
    Love you both,
    Mom and Dad

  2. What amazing pictures! It looks like (judging from an email that I recently received) you two are having an absolutely wonderful time! So exciting. I want to see all of your pictures when you guys get back!

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