Halloween Eve all’Italiana

The Sorrentines aren’t too big on Halloween, but they do enjoy their fancy cars.


We celebrated in our own way by splurging on a driver to take us not just to Positano, but all the way down the coast to Amalfi town. We were able to negotiate a better deal than the hotel with a friendly man named Rafaello. He hooked us up with a friend of his, Savy (short for Saveriano), to give us a full tour of the coast, complete with commentary on all of the movie stars he had chauffeured (most recently, Pierce Brosnan).


20111030-210534.jpgPositano from afar

20111030-210551.jpgPositano up close

20111030-210601.jpgA little tiramisu

20111030-210841.jpgAmalfi town


20111030-210917.jpgMore steps! Leading up to a 6th century church…recently renovated in the 12th century

20111030-211118.jpgGoodbye, Savy!

And, finally, what post would be complete without the dinner photo….



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