Back in the US of A

Our trusty driver Savy, delivered us safely to dirty Napoli in the wee hours of the morning this past Monday. We successfully avoided the infamous train station “stealers.”

A quick train ride later, and we were back in Rome to catch our flight.


9 1/2 hours later we landed on American soil. What better way to celebrate our homecoming than some Philly cheesesteaks, Philadelphia airport style.


By the time Erin’s dad picked us from BTV, we’d been traveling for 23 hours straight, with no sleep. But, that didn’t diminish our excitement over the brand new tub he had installed while we were away.

20111104-060341.jpgThere’s still a little work to be done, which is why my father-in-law gets paid in brownies, and not by the hour.

Even though it was hard to leave Italy behind, when you come back to a face like this,
how can you not be just a little bit happy to be home.


Stay tuned for more, perhaps slightly boring, adventures.


One thought on “Back in the US of A

  1. I have loved reading about your adventures, so keep them going… Welcome Home!! So good to have you back.

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