In the works

With my own 30th birthday right around the corner, the old biological clock has gone into overdrive. I’ve become a serious lurker on way too many fertility websites and lesbian ttc blogs (that’s “trying to conceive” for those of you not fluent in babymaking speak). I also managed to convince myself, what with all of this lurking, that I have low progesterone, a unicornuate uterus, PCOS, and all the other maladies that plague women stricken with infertility.

All of my worrying aside, I am probably perfectly capable of making a baby…I just don’t have immediate access to the other half of future Baby Moreau’s genetic material. But, not to worry, Erin has been hard at work securing an awesome donor to help us out in the gamete department.

I suppose if amazing couples like us could reproduce at will it would put the offspring of Rick Santorum and the like at an unfair disadvantage in the whole evolutionary scheme.



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