Oh Baby!

Look, a baby!


But, I suppose I should back up a moment and explain how we got here.

The week before Christmas one of Erin’s relatives agreed to help us out. Best Christmas present ever! One month later, I got a positive on an ovulation predictor test and we commenced Babymaking Round 1. In all of my hours of online research, I had become convinced that the instead cup method was the way to go. I was wrong. The cup was tricky to handle and its precious contents kept threatening to spill out. During the interminable two week wait, I thought that I was for sure pregnant (spending too much time online looking up early pregnancy symptoms will do that to you). But, it turns out that if you’re not pregnant, no matter how many sticks you pee on, you will only ever see one lonely line. Huge disappointment, because I think that despite the ridiculous odds and the constant repeating to yourself that it probably won’t work the first time, you hold on to this hope that you are a fertility goddess and will magically conceive the first time.

After the sting of the first failed attempt, I decided to start charting my temperature and other fertility signs in conjunction with using the ovulations tests. The next month, when all signs were a go, we hit the road (in the midst of an impending blizzard) for Babymaking Round 2. This time around, we decided to do it the old fashioned way (not that old fashioned way, but the turkey baster route – which is actually a misnomer because you’re really using an oral or needleless syringe, but turkey baster sounds like more fun I guess). We chose a maple sugar jar to hold the goods, mostly because we thought that would make for an entertaining story later on, and would give our kid some serious Vermont street cred.

I enjoyed a much mellower two week wait the second time around. I didn’t overanalyze every possible symptom, I kept running, I went cross-country skiing for the second time in my life and spent more time belly-flopping in the snow than upright on the skis, I ate what I wanted to eat–basically I carried on like a normal, not-trying-to-get-pregnant person (minus the alcohol). I had also promised myself that I would not test until I had actually missed my period.

Well, fast forward to 10 days post ovulation, and I wake up to a huge spike in my temperature (well, huge in the world of basal body temperature, meaning a few tenths of a degree). So, I decide to go ahead and test. I throw myself in the shower since I’m not going to waste precious getting-ready-for-work minutes waiting around for a line that may or may not appear. While I’m in the shower, I yell to Erin that she can check the test if she wants to. Silence. More silence. And then, the shower curtain is ripped back and I’m staring at two beautiful pink lines.

And now here we are, one trimester down and the beginnings of a little bump.



4 thoughts on “Oh Baby!

    • Thanks! Hope your two week wait is flying by (or at least not moving like molasses) and you get your honeymoon baby!!

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