I think I may have finally turned the corner. The morning and evening puking sessions that you could set your watch by have subsided for the most part, and I’ve managed to stay up past 8:30 for the past week.

We even got out for a hike up a little mountain last weekend. Granted, I had to take a break every five minutes or so because I was so winded— I can’t believe this is the same body that used to run marathons—but it was really nice to do something a little more strenuous than my usual two-mile loop at work. Before the morning (aka all day sickness) hit, I had fully intended to run throughout my pregnancy. It’s now been almost 12 weeks since my last run, and I’m not sure when or if I’ll be ready to pick it up again. It might be best just to stick to the walking and throw in some prenatal yoga in the coming weeks when I’m really feeling better.

We made it!

We’ve been busy bees converting the guest bedroom into a nursery. So far we (meaning Erin) have repainted the walls, cleared out most of the furniture, and installed a snazzy new lighting fixture (this one was all me!).

It’s getting there…20120618-075635.jpg

Finally, at our last prenatal appointment I weighed in six pounds heavier than at my appointment one month before! It must be all of the fabulous meals Erin’s been whipping up since I abdicated my place in the kitchen. For someone whose cooking repertoire previously included all things breakfast and nothing more, she has really become quite the little chef since I’ve been out of commission.

Gnocchi with sautéed veggies



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