Two Months!

Yesterday, we celebrated two months of life with little Henry. We’ve said goodbye to uninterrupted sleep, spit-up free shirts, and getting anywhere on time. But, as all parents will say, what we get in return is more than worth it.

I mean, just look at that face.


Not to mention, the kind of joy that can only come from matching outfits.


But, one of the best things has been watching Henry become more engaged with the world around him. Over these past two months, he has gone from sleeping around the clock and barely opening his eyes to wanting to play (i.e. bat at the birds hanging from his activity mat) and smiling and cooing when we talk to him. For me, the biggest milestone was when he started nursing on both sides with no fussing at around 3 weeks. When he weighed in at 11 lbs 5 oz at his 8 week check up, I couldn’t have been prouder than if he had just mastered a Mozart concerto.

Here’s to life never being the same again!



5 thoughts on “Two Months!

  1. I so enjoyed reading this blog and seeing all the fabulous pictures. What a treat. Thanks so much for writing it so I can feel a part of down on Long Island! Cutest family ever!

  2. I’m sorry… I’ve just been out of touch with the blogging world but I just found your blog and quickly caught up on your story. : ) Henry is precious!!! Noah and Henry are right around the same age! I can say that 2 months was a turning point for us too and it just keeps getting better. Noah is recognizing us now and just smiles and talks to us. I just love it!

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