The Best Laid Plans

Nothing about trying to get pregnant this time around has gone according to plan.

Since we started trying back in December, I have not once ovulated on the same cycle day two months in a row. The days ranged from cycle day 15 to 22, making scheduling visits to our donor – who lives almost 5 hours away – incredibly difficult!

Because my cycles are so unpredictable, we usually give our donor a heads up as to the possible dates and then actually make plans to meet up on the day I get a positive ovulation test. It all ends up being very last minute and whirlwindy. We’ve gotten extremely lucky so far with our schedules lining up.

This month, I estimated that my potential fertile days would be Oct. 10-13, but only the 10th, 11th, and 12th worked with all of our schedules. Of course, Sunday, the 12th, came and the test was still negative. We decided to risk it, and made the 5 hour trek down to our donor, hoping to get a positive the next day.

We inseminated at 12:30 am this morning (the 13th), and at 6 am I finally got the darn positive! We did a second insemination at 6:30 am (not sure the little swimmers had time to fully restock, but oh well). I had just enough time to get back to work for a meeting after lunch.

Now the waiting begins…

Grammy & Grampy kept this little gardener busy while we were awayIMG_1844.JPG


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