Cold Turkey

With Henry’s second birthday coming up, we decided it was time to wean him off of pacifiers (or ” gagows” as he calls them – I have no idea where that comes from; we call them nuks).

We decided to start the process now, partly because everything I’ve read recommends no more pacifiers after 2, but mostly because I want to get a gold star from Henry’s pediatrician. I try not to let any recommendations from his pediatrician affect my feelings of parental adequacy, because after all, we’ve never raised a little human before. But, I still can’t shake the (unrealistic) desire to get it right the first time.

There are various methods for pacifier weaning, but most fall into either the gradual or cold turkey approach. We decided to cut Henry off completely (why delay the inevitable) and picked a day.

Day 1 – Henry probably asked for his “gagow” about two dozen times throughout the day. I told him they went bye-bye. Each time, he seemed satisfied with my answer and quickly moved on to something else. But, at bedtime he refused to let Erin put him to sleep. He also insisted on snuggling with his plastic fire chief hat. Obviously – why would he want to cuddle with all of his cozy, soft stuffed animals, when he could curl up with a cold piece of plastic?

Day 2 – Henry only asked for his pacifier a handful of times, but he was wayyyyy more touchy and nearly everything set him off into a tantrum. At bedtime, he said no to each and every one of his usual nighttime reading favorites. The only books he deemed acceptable were Polar Bear, Polar Bear and some lively Sandra Boynton books – not the best reading for winding down.

Here we are at Day 3, and he seems to be doing ok sans gagow. Transitions are rough (waking up, getting into the car seat), but we’re all figuring out how to deal.

In the meantime, I’ll just munch on this leaf.IMG_1849-0.JPG


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