I can’t believe my baby is two!!

It simultaneously feels like this picture was taken forever ago and just the other day.IMG_2037.JPG

On Sunday, we were going to have a little birthday brunch to celebrate with some of Henry’s toddler and grown up friends. My best friend even came up from Brooklyn for the festivities. Well, as luck would have it, Henry got sick – projectile vomiting sick – 20 minutes before the party was supposed to start. We were able to call most of the toddler guests off before they headed out, and the others we met at the door with juice box and muffin consolation gifts. Henry went down for a nap, and the remaining grown ups carried on with the party.

We made a valiant effort to consume as much food as possible.IMG_2031.JPG

Someone was not too sick to shoot a few hoops after his nap.IMG_2032.JPG

We had a break on Monday, and then the celebrating continued on Tuesday for Erin’s birthday.

Reusable banners are the best.IMG_2033.JPG

Wednesday, the 19th, we celebrated Henry’s actual birthday with dinner, cake, and presents up at his Grammy’s house.


It’s now Thursday, and I’m exhausted (from all the party prep? OR…maybe because I’m pregnant? We should know one way or the other by Thanksgiving…).

One tired mommy.IMG_2045.JPG


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