Fruit & Flowers

Today, Erin and I celebrate four years of wedded bliss.2015/01/img_2407.jpg
Sometimes I still can’t believe that I get to have this life with my college crush. One of Erin’s favorite games to play is to pick some time during our college years and say, for example, “When you were trying to convince me at that party in the basement that your girlfriend lets you make out with other people, would you have ever thought that we would be sitting here playing with our toddler?” No, I would not, and thanks for reminding me that I wasn’t always such a pillar of moral excellence…

E & H, The Early Years2015/01/img_2406.jpg
So, year 4 is the fruit and flowers anniversary. I got Erin fancy olives (after confirming that olives are, in fact, a fruit), a mini potted flower, and an IPA with a cool pirate ship label (hops count as flowers, right?). Erin got me lilies, sweet little flower earrings and chocolate raspberry cupcakes (because I prefer my fruit with a healthy dose of chocolate). Our thoughtful 2-year old made us a card (with a little help from Grammy…).2015/01/img_2408.jpg
While being married isn’t always fruit and flowers, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world…not even matching snuggies.2015/01/img_2410.jpg


4 thoughts on “Fruit & Flowers

  1. I’m glad those Snuggies came in handy. And you are the most morally upstanding, thoughtful, righteous person I know!

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