No Answers

Well, that fertility consult I was so excited for ended up being a complete bust. I already had my prolactin and thyroid levels checked back in October (everything was normal), and the OB told me that there were no other tests she recommended. I asked her about low progesterone (explaining my recent history of bizarro luteal phases) and she shrugged that off and said I seemed perfectly healthy and the fact that I’ve already had one successful pregnancy is a good sign. She told us if we’re still having trouble after 12 well-timed tries, she might recommend additional testing. Oh and “at least you’ve already got one beautiful son”…arghggh, that’s exactly what makes it so much harder this time around – knowing how awesome it is having another little person in our family.

So, I guess we’ll give it a few more tries and then maybe find another provider who’s a bit more proactive.

Who knew how much I would eventually miss those 30 extra pounds??



5 thoughts on “No Answers

  1. Awww Sweetie, You know I wish I could make it happen for you. Sorry the Dr. was so disappointing.

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