Haircut, Airplanes, and Dolphins

At 2 years and 3 months old, Henry had yet to have a haircut. Our original plan was to let it grow until kindergarten, but this kid’s hair grows so quickly and it’s so fine (sorry, Henry, you got that one from me), that the ends were not looking so great.

Henry was pretty tolerant of the whole process, although he did insist on sitting on my lap the entire time.

Henry got his new do just in time for our trip to Florida. He’s flown several times before, but this was the first time he could really appreciate what was happening.

At one point mid-flight, he was looking out the window and spotted the moon. He turned to me and said, “Henry, moon, friends.” I just can’t handle his sweetness sometimes.

Traveling was ok for me. I only had to throw up on the side of the road once! I’m sure everyone passing us just thought I had a really fun Friday night.

Our first day in Florida was incredible, and almost 90 degrees warmer than the arctic tundra we call home (it was -10 when we left Vermont). Unfortunately, I missed Erin and Henry’s first dolphin siting because I was laid up in bed battling my routine evening nausea. Apparently, Henry was too busy building sand cakes (yes, cakes not castles) to notice, but we all saw some dolphins on our walk the next morning.


3 thoughts on “Haircut, Airplanes, and Dolphins

  1. Callie and I argue about the boys hair cuts all the time! I think 2 is a good age, and she says, “When it starts looking scraggly!!!” I guess we’ll have to settle on 1! Wishing I was in 90 degrees right now!

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