Second Ultrasound – 9 Weeks 5 Days

We had our second ultrasound today, and everything was perfectly normal! We’d been on pins and needles ever since we got the first positive, and then, the first ultrasound wasn’t completely reassuring, so it is such a relief to finally be able to fully celebrate. It’s like finding out you’re pregnant all over again, only better, because there’s so much less to worry about. The doctor told us that, based on this scan, we have the lowest statistical chance of miscarriage.

Our little grape (or olive, depending on which website you’re looking at) measured right on target and had a heart rate of 173. It was quite the wiggle worm; the ultrasound tech had a hard time getting the measurements.

Nausea has really hit me hard in the past two weeks. Evenings are the worst, which means I’ve been able to drag myself to the gym most weekday mornings. I’m still hoping to run a few miles in the marathon at the end of May. 

Erin has been a champ basically solo parenting Henry in the evenings. Henry’s been pretty understanding of my current state: “Mommy soooo tired. Baby still growing.” If this pregnancy is anything like Henry’s, I should be feeling pretty good in, oh, about 11 weeks. But, I’m not complaining!

And, now it’s time to go stuff my face with some more Trader Joe’s “baked cheese crunchies” (they’re like healthy Cheetos, right???)


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