Hello Second Trimester

We went public with Baby #2 on Facebook this week. Even though we were out with family, close friends, and a few co-workers, we were waiting for the Harmony test results to come back before the big online reveal. The Harmony test is amazing – it’s one of the most accurate blood tests for the trisomy disorders and it can also determine the sex as early as 10 weeks. It wasn’t available when I was pregnant with Henry, so I’m still in a bit of disbelief that we don’t have to wait until the anatomy scan to find out what’s cooking in here.

So, the results came back low risk (1/10,000) for Down’s syndrome and the other stuff, and we have another little BOY on the way…we’re really, really excited about brothers, or, you know, whatever they end up being 😊


I’m also officially in the second trimester as of this past Wednesday. I’ve been feeling some movement for a couple weeks now, but the little nudges have gotten more pronounced within the last few days.  

Unfortunately, my morning/all-day sickness didn’t get the second trimester memo. Looks like I’ll be laying low with my favorite toddler for my 33rd birthday tomorrow! 



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