At Henry’s 15 month check up, his pediatrician referred us to early intervention services for what she thought might be a mild expressive language delay (he hadn’t started making certain consonant-vowel combinations yet). After one year of services, Henry was completely caught up, and even ahead in some areas. Our once very quiet boy is now a nearly non-stop talker.  

I’ve been meaning to capture Henry’s unique turns of phrase before I forget them. 

  • Sit, sit. Right here!
  • Mayber later…next summer (whenever he doesn’t want to do something)
  • I like this song! (any song that comes on the radio)
  • Hello, nice to meet you! 
  • What happened here?
  • I hear friends (when he hears the neighborhood kids playing outside)
  • Yeah, sure.
  • Okey dokey smokestack.
  • I want to schnoogle in the big bed.
  • Hello people.
  • I gared (scared)
  • Not gary, it’s a friendly (snake, spider, any typically scary creature)
  • Dip ya (this is how he first started to say “thank you” when he was about 1 1/2 and it stuck)
  • Achoo Mommy/Mama/Henny (whenever one of us sneezes)
  • Follow you (he means follow me)
  • No cooking! (after he asks for toast and we proceed to put bread in the toaster oven)
  • Ok, let’s do it!
  • Look at Henny!



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