Ice Cream Celebrations

Back in the beginning of June (June 5 to be exact), we took the potty training plunge. We bought Henry some awesome little undies, and whenever we were at home, he was either naked or sporting his cute underpants. We used stickers as a reward at first, but after about a month of ups and downs, we decided to up the ante and offer a little food treat. That did the trick! For the past month, he’s gotten progressively more consistent, to the point where we are diaper-free on most outings (he still needs diapers while sleeping). On Monday, we sent him to daycare in his underwear for the first time. We promised him that we’d go out for ice cream if he used the potty at school. I packed 3 pairs of back-up underwear and shorts and an extra pair of shoes (just in case he had a really big accident). He surprised us all by not needing any of that! He was so darn proud of himself. As soon as we walked in the room, he proclaimed, “I get an ice cream treat!”

I fully expect some regression when his baby brother comes along, but for now we are reveling in the victory.

Well done, little man! 

Update: Another successful day at daycare on Wednesday…this time we went for a bus ride to celebrate. 


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