Camping Round 2

It’s Bennington Battle Day here in Vermont (my favorite random state holiday) and the Moreaus took advantage of having two whole days off together (Erin has Sunday/Mondays off during the summer) by heading up to Grand Isle State Park for our second round of camping with a toddler while pregnant. We had a great time, and Henry spent the entire time exclaiming, “I loooove camping!”

The best marshmallow roasters in New England. Reading a little “Ferdiman” (Ferdinand) before bed. Learning how to skip stones. He insisted on swinging in my lap – what little of it there is left. Erin had to push us because I just could not engage my stomach muscles with a 30 pound boy resting against my almost 33 week belly. Also, these swings made a creaking sound that Henry thought sounded just like a cat meowing and it absolutely cracked him up the entire time. Henry leads the way! This boy is quite the little naturalist. At one point during our hike, he says, out of nowhere and very seriously, “I’m thinking of flowers.” Catching a ride back to the campsite post hike. Beach selfie! This is the very same beach where Grammy (Erin’s mom) had her first kiss 😘 Erin’s parents came up for dinner on our second night and not only did we hear about Grammy’s teenage shenanigans, but I also realized that Henry is the third consecutive generation on Erin’s mom’s side to go camping at this state park as a kid.


7 thoughts on “Camping Round 2

  1. Great photos of the camping family. Henry would be the fourth generation of Grand Isle campers, great Grammy and Grampy camped there too! Wow!

    • That’s so sweet 🙂 I can’t get enough of Henry either…this age is so much fun – being able to really engage with him is the best.

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