Early Bird!

Julian Maquam Moreau (aka Baby Jude) arrived at 9:06 am on September 24, 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long, almost two weeks before his October 7 due date!  

 We went out to dinner on Tuesday evening with Erin’s parents since they were leaving for Erin’s cousin’s wedding in Lake Tahoe the next day. Erin’s mom kept saying she did not like going away so close to my due date, and I kept brushing her off saying that there’s no way I’m having a September baby.

That night I had a series of what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions – about 10 within 30 minutes. Erin and I thought that was a little weird, but they weren’t painful so I just wrote them off as a fluke.

I went to work on Wednesday and after telling one of my co-workers (who has 3 kids) about the weird contractions, she half joked that I would probably have the baby the next day. And then she said, “You know I’m usually right about these things.”

Right before going to bed Wednesday night, we gave Baby Jude a little pep talk telling him that if he had any plans to come early he needed to give us some warning signs before Erin’s mom boarded her flight the next morning.

Around 3 am Thursday morning, I felt a little trickle of liquid, but in my sleepy state thought that I had just peed a little. I was too tired to get up to deal with it so I went back to sleep. Henry woke up at 3:40, so I went into his room to put him back to bed and then went into the bathroom to check out the pee situation. The liquid was pinkish tinged, so I woke Erin up and asked her to google “spotting and 38 weeks pregnant.” She did a quick search and said, “I think your water broke.” I didn’t believe her because this was nothing at all like the big gush of water I had when my water broke with Henry. Plus, I was having zero contractions. I got back into bed and within a few minutes I started having some very mildy painful contractions about 10-15 minutes apart. Erin called her mom to let her know that I might be in labor and that we would check back in with her in an hour. I was not convinced that I was in labor and was worried that Erin’s mom would miss the wedding for a false alarm.

The contractions didn’t really progress much over the next hour, but I was steadily leaking fluid. At this point, Erin was sure that we were having a baby within the next 24 hours, while I was still skeptical that I was even in labor. Erin’s mom called back and said she would figure out how to get back to Burlington that day (they had stayed overnight with friends in a town about 3 hours away to catch a flight out of Hartford, CT).

Henry came into our bed to snuggle at around 6, and I was still doubtful that this was the real deal. We all got up at 7, and that’s when the contractions started getting a little more painful. 

Erin’s mom called and said she could get a train back to Burlington that would arrive at 8 pm. Erin asked if she could get a ride halfway back and we could send someone to pick her up. Erin had already called a friend to let her know that she might need to come over to watch Henry. So, Erin made arrangements for our friend to go pick up Erin’s mom and for her sister-in-law to come over and watch Henry instead. 

All the while, I’m still not completely convinced that I am actually in labor. I decide to take a shower so that I can shave my legs just in case we ended going to the hospital (priorities). While I’m in the shower, I have three pretty painful contractions, so I start timing them while I get dressed and dry my hair. They were coming exactly three minutes apart and were pretty intense. In the meantime, Erin packed our bag and our friend came over to watch Henry before our sister-in-law arrived.

At this point, I finally accept that I’m in labor because the contractions are painful enough that I have to stop what I’m doing and breathe through them. We said goodbye to Henry, who was very excited that his baby brother was coming, and got into the truck around 8:40.

I rode backwards in the front seat, while Erin maneuvered through morning rush hour (she later got a message from a friend she cut off at an intersection saying it looked like we were on our way to deliver a baby and wishing us good luck). Several minutes, and three excruciating contractions later, we were at the hospital.

We were admitted at 8:59, and as soon as we got into the delivery room, I crawled up onto the bed and said I felt like I was ready to push. They didn’t even bother to check how dilated I was. The nurse called the midwife and two pushes later at 9:06 am, Baby Jude was out! I could not believe it, especially since it was only within the past two hours that I was finally convinced that I was in labor.

Henry met his baby brother later that afternoon and was absolutely enamored with him. He is going to be such a good big brother. 

We’ve been enjoying our stay in the hospital’s brand new recovery unit. We have gorgeous lake views. 

 Jude is perfectly healthy and I’m recovering well, so we’ll be discharged today and on our way for a whole new set of adventures as a family of four! 



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