One Month

Somehow a month has gone by since little Julian made his debut. 

 He is growing like crazy. He weighs about 10 1/2 pounds, and we’ve already packed up his newborn clothes. Henry was in newborn clothes until he was 8 weeks old. It’s so interesting how different these two boys are already!

We’re patiently waiting for him to start smiling for real. I think I’ve seen hints of a dimple on each cheek, but it’s hard to tell with all of that pudge. 

 Grandma (my mom) got into town last Friday and Henry’s been keeping her busy playing trucks, trains, and cars non-stop (side note: he has amassed quite the collection of vehicles since we started incentivizing going #2 on the potty with little toy treats…I’m not sure how we’re going to put an end to that…).  

On Monday, while Henry was at school, my mom, Julian, and I took a drive out to a vineyard on the islands for a little wine tasting. 
Yesterday we hiked Mt. Philo. It was Henry’s first real hike, and he was quite the trooper – he only had to be carried for a little bit on the way down. Julian slept the entire time in his carrier except for a little milk snack at the top. 

A few photos of Julian’s first month on the outside:  

Pumpkin picking at Mazza’s farm stand.


My first solo outing with the boys during Erin’s first week back at work. We walked to the playground and then strolled through the woods to Grammy’s house.



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