Thanksgiving Weekend Round Up – 2015 edition

We had a jam-packed Thanksgiving weekend this year. 

My aunt arrived on Wednesday to meet Baby Jude for the first time.  

We enjoyed a lazy Thanksgiving morning watching the parade before we made the trek up to Grammy and Grampy’s for the feast.  

Once again, Grammy outdid herself. She seriously gives Martha Stewart a run for her money. 


 On Friday, we went to the tree lighting on Church Street. The weather was incredibly mild this year, so it was the most crowded I’d ever seen it. We managed to worm our way through the crowds to get a shot in front of the tree (Henry had fallen asleep right before we were about to leave, so we left him snoozing at Grammy and Grampy’s house…we still need to take him to see the lights).

 On Saturday, we went on our traditional Christmas-tree-cutting-followed-by-brunch outing. And, because we need to start stockpiling embarassing photos for the boys, the whole family wore matching buffalo plaid flannel shirts. 

This year, Henry got to pick out a mini tree for his bedroom. My aunt had never cut down a Chrismas tree before, so we gave her the honor of cutting down Henry’s. 

 On Sunday, we went with Grammy to the women’s craft festival. We had barely been there 10 minutes when Henry asked pitifully “Can Grampy come pick me up?” I guess craft fairs aren’t his scene. 

We picked up this sweet print for the boys’ room. 

And now, after a busy past few days, I’m taking advantage of a rare moment of snuggling with two napping boys (it’s a miracle!). 



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