We’re on a roll…and other milestones

Julian just rolled over for the first time at exactly 12 weeks  (despite our being incredibly lax on the tummy time for the second child…). I caught the second roll on video! 

 Other exciting advances for the littlest Moreau include the beginnings of a laugh (more like a bray at this point), grabbing onto the butterfly hanging from his activity mat, sporadic “b” sounds, and most exciting for the parents – settling into a pretty decent sleep schedule (which I know all too well can change in the blink of an eye…pun intended, heh). 

Julian is continuing to grow like crazy, maintaining his status as the Moose. 

 As for our big boy, Henry suddenly stopped saying “dip ya” for “thank you.” Erin and I are slightly heartbroken over that one. Dip ya was one of the last vestiges of baby talk. He has quite a few other Henryisms though: prettyful, “I like you, in fact I love you,” “You’re so cute and fancy,” “How about not,” and “That is/isn’t a good deal (idea)” to name a few.

Henry is also fully daytime potty trained. I was expecting some regression when Julian was born, but he surprised us by progressing right along. He’s pretty independent in the bathroom. Usually, he’ll announce that he needs to go, march off to the bathroom, and proclaim “I need some privacy!” right before shutting the door behind himself.

One of our favorite developments has been Henry’s “reading” a bedtime story to us. He’s able to recite a few books: Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Baby Bear, Baby Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, Moo, Baa, La La La, and Dear Zoo.

He’s still a big fan of cars, truck, and trains. One of his favorite games is “garbage truck,” a riveting game where you play with a car that gets stuck behind the stinky garbage truck and proceed to complain about how bad the garbage smells. 

Besides watching these boys grow before our eyes, we’ve been busy decking our halls and gearing up for Christmas. 




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