Christmas Recap

It’s cliché, but so true: kids bring the magic back to Christmas.

We’re a Santa household, and this was the first year that Henry really got into the whole story. As a child who believed in Santa for wayyyy longer than I should have, I’m super excited to have old Saint Nick back in my life. Although the Santa bubble was burst for Erin, as the second child,  much sooner, she has great memories from her Santa-believing years. So, to do or not to do Santa was not even a question.

Our Christmas spirit was slightly dampened by the ridiculous weather. 68 degrees on Christmas Eve?!? It was almost the same temperature here as it was in Phoenix (where my mom lives). Luckily, my mom got her yearly dose of snow the day after she arrived. Henry was ecstatic when he looked out the window to see the ground covered with a dusting of white – our first snow this season. For a boy who usually takes his sweet time getting dressed in the morning, he was decked out in his winter gear just barely after we had gotten out of bed. 

Snow for Grandma!


Snow Angel

Jude turned three months on Christmas Eve, so we started the day off with a little photo shoot. 


How many more of these pictures are you going to take?!?


During the day, Erin brought Henry on her and her dad’s traditional last-minute-shopping-on-Church Street adventure. 

When they got back, Henry decorated some cookies for Santa, and then we got the boys dressed up and spent the evening at Erin’s parents, indulging in tourtière and cranberry ginger fizzes.  

 When we got home, Erin managed to get a very excited Henry to bed pretty quickly, and then we went to work putting out the presents and eating cookies. 

Christmas morning, Henry came into our bed around 5 am, as usual, and slept until about 7. I was so excited I couldn’t get back to sleep. When he finally woke up, he opened his stocking in bed (Baby Jude’s too) before going out to see what Santa had left him under the tree.   


 Instead of running straight for the Thomas the Train bike, Henry went over to a pile of presents we had set aside for Erin’s parents and picked up the smallest box exclaiming, “Look, Santa comed!”

Then, he noticed the bike and all of the other presents. We gave him permission to go wake up Uncle Pat, which he promptly did, shouting “Wake up, Uncle Pat! Santa comed!!” Once Uncle Pat joined us, the present opening frenzy began.  

 Erin’s parents joined us a little later and after all the presents had been opened (with Henry carefully discarding the paper as he unwrapped each present…what 3 year old does that?!?) we had the traditional Jochems Christmas morning eggs Benedict feast. 

 Christmas night we went back up to Erin’s parents’ house for dinner. Grammy and her friend were already well into a bottle of champagne by the time we arrived, so we had some catching up to do! 

   The day after Christmas my mom, brother, Julian, and I flew out to Kansas to say goodbye to my uncle. He had just entered hospice after being diagnosed with lymphoma earlier in the summer. During our layover in Philly, we got the call from my aunt that he had passed away. We’ve spent the last three days in Lawrence, Kansas with his wonderful friends. We fly back to VT today. 



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