Back to Work and Baby Wizards

Well, 15 weeks have come and gone just like that and now I’m halfway through my second week back at work. Things that are going well include:

Henry’s drop offs – I hadn’t dropped him off at school during my entire leave…well, maybe once. Anyway, this boy is a serious creature of habit and it takes a lot of time (and talking and mental preparation) to process change. I was really worried that he would cry inconsolably when I dropped him off, but he surprised me by being such a little grown up about it. After going through his routine of putting his backpack and coat in his cubby, washing hands, and playing for a few minutes with the magnatiles, he just turned to me and said, “I’m ready for you to leave now.” I was shocked and maybe a teensy bit hurt, but mostly really happy that he’s coping so well with the switch. 

Our mature little fellow.

Sleep – Julian may be a fussier baby than Henry, but he knows how to sleep! He’s not sleeping through the night by any means, but he has an actual bedtime (8:30ish) and he usually goes down in his bassinet without a fuss. Then he sleeps for 4-5 hours, wakes up to power nurse for 10 minutes, and goes right back down. He’ll wake up for another 10-minute nursing session around 3 or 4 and then sleep until 5, at which point, I bring him into our bed, where he’ll sleep until 7 or 8. He’s usually the last one up. We call him our little frat boy because he loves to have the bed to himself and just sprawl out, belly down, snoring loudly.

Work – My coworkers really gave me a warm welcome back. I think the worst thing someone could have said would have been “Everything was just fine without you!” Not that I wanted things to totally fall apart while I was out, but who doesn’t want to feel needed? I definitely feel needed, and at the same time, they’ve been super conscientious about not overwhelming me.

The thing that is not going so well? Sir Julian refuses to take a bottle. We completely dropped the ball on bottle practice, not offering one until my last week of leave. He usually eats every 2-3 hours, so Erin ended up bringing him to my office at 2, after 6 hours of his refusing to eat. We put out the call on Facebook for any tips and four people recommended the same lactation consultant, aka the Baby Wizard.

The Baby Wizard came over on Monday and showed us some different things to try and left us with the mantra “Persistence and Patience!” She was one of those people that just makes you feel good about yourself being in her presence. So, we’ll keep on offering the bottle and worst case scenario he can just go on a hunger strike while I’m at work and in 2 months he’ll be starting solids. 

Mama, why do you insist on torturing me?

The bottle refusing did put a bit of a damper on our 5-year wedding anniversary plans. Originally, we were going to go out for dinner and a movie, but we didn’t want Grammy and Grampy to have a hungry baby on their hands, so we ended up just doing dinner. It was our first date night since Julian’s birth and it was fabulous. Someday, we’ll be able to get away for a longer stretch! 



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