5 Months

Julian turned five months yesterday!   

  This past month featured:

  • a serious interest in what we’re eating, including grabbing for our plates whenever we eat and accidentally (purposefully?) dunking his hand in a cup of pudding (one more month until solids, little guy!)
  • some word recognition (I think) – he breaks into a big smile if you ask him if he wants milk or to read his favorite book (Duck on a Bike)
  • a fascination with Henry during bedtime stories – Julian just stares at his big brother, smiling, cooing, and grabbing at his arm. It cracks Henry up.
  • a textbook case of sleep regression, boo.
  • teething pains – I don’t remember it being this bad with Henry. One minute, Julian will be smiling away and the next he’ll break out into this terrible screeching. I don’t see any signs of little teeth trying to break through, so I think we may be dealing with this for a bit. It’s not helping with his sleeping either (see above).

A few photos from the past month:  

Henry said, “Take a picture of your two cute boys.”


Finally big enough for the bouncer!



Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️



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