Spring Break 2016

We just got back from our second annual winter getaway with Erin’s parents. This year we escaped to Luquillo, Puerto Rico. A week on a tropical island is exactly what these vitamin D-deprived Vermonters needed (although, Erin may have been a bit too diligent in applying sunscreen to her fair skin; she looks like she could have spent the last week in Iceland).

Day 1 – Beach Day

We didn’t get into Luquillo until about 10 pm on Saturday night, so there wasn’t much to see in town except for some horses tied up outside of a bar (I guess DUI’s don’t apply to horseback riding…). The first thing we did when we woke up was head straight for the beach, which was about 30 steps from the entrance to our condo.  


Pure joy


The water at our little beach was super shallow, perfect for Henry!


Julian’s first dip ever in the ocean


This baby looooved his beach naps

 We had dinner at the Kioskos – a strip of about 6o little ramshackle food huts along the beach. This place epitomizes the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” We all had absolutely wonderful meals. 

Mofongo (mashed plaintains) – the unofficial national dish

 Day 2 – Beach Day Round 2


Julian really bonded with his Grammy on this trip. He joined her for her morning coffee on the balcony each morning and would just babble and giggle nonstop.


Shark Attack!


Catching a ride with Grampy

 Later in the afternoon, during Henry’s nap, Erin and I snuck out with Julian to check out Luquillo’s very modest downtown. The locals LOVED Julian (I think his eyebrows spoke to them). 

The Plaza

 Day 3 – Old San Juan

Old San Juan was about an hour from Luquillo. Once we had parked, we jumped on one of the free trolleys and got off at Castillo San Felipe del Morro (this is the place I had always pictured when thinking about Old San Juan).   


Best view from a public restroom ever

We had another great meal at a quirky little restaurant right in the heart of Old San Juan. 


Hello there…

After lunch, we strolled through town, and bought the obligatory tourist t-shirts and onesies. 



Day 4 – Beach Day Round 3

We took Henry down to the beach with the big waves, and held him up as the waves crashed around us. He loved it and couldn’t stop laughing. We had a late lunch at this place called Boardriders where we could watch all the surfers (while drinking frozen mojitos, of course). 


Day 5 – El Yunque Rainforest

El Yunque was only about 15 minutes from where we were staying.  We actually had views of the rainforest summits from our condo and at night, Henry and Grammy would sit out on the balcony listening to the frogs peep (a coquí frog came home with us from the gift store; Henry’s slept with it every night since). We opted for the driving tour (so much easier with two small children) and hit the major photo opps. I would love to come back when the boys are older and really explore. 

Ocean views from the visitor center


La Coca Falls


At the top of the Yokahu Observation Tower


Baño Grande – this was a public swimming pool until 1976

Day 6 – Beach Round 6 (and a sick boy)

We got up early to catch our last sunrise on the beach. 

 Henry was feeling sluggish, so he stayed in with Grammy while the rest of us stayed on the beach. It was not as much fun without him. Erin and I would have looked pretty silly pretending to be sharks all by ourselves. 

Henry was still not feeling better by lunch time, so Erin’s dad went out to buy a thermometer. The poor boy had a temperature of 103.5! And then, the vomiting started. We called his pediatrician’s office, and the triage nurse told us to keep him on Tylenol every four hours, only give him fluid for 24 hours after vomiting, and that we were to stay put (our flight home was the next day) and get to the nearest clinic if he was still vomiting and his fever hadn’t broken by the next morning. Fortunately, his fever broke over night and he didn’t throw up again after the first incident. Both boys did great on the plane, and it sure was helpful to have four adults to keep Julian entertained (I think  2:1 is the golden traveling-with-kids ratio).



9 thoughts on “Spring Break 2016

  1. Great photos and it sounds like you had a pretty awesome adventure! Poor little Henry!! I got sick in Cuba when I was pregnant and it scared the shit out of me, so I can only imagine how it must have been for a sweet wee one to be. :/ glad to hear all cleared up quickly!

    • I’m not gonna lie, even though I truly believe that women should feel comfortable in whatever they want to wear and that any body is a bikini body, I have a really hard time applying that philosophy to myself. So, I gave up lots of opportunities to catch up on sleep to get a work out in 😕

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