Half a Year!

Look who’s six months today! 

What’s new in the world of Julian?

Sitting up – each day he can sit for longer stretches before his big head succumbs to gravity 

Drinking from a bottle like it’s no big deal (finally!) 

Log rolling from point A to B – as soon as you lay him down on a blanket, he rolls himself onto the nearest hard surface (this must be some law of babies) 

Solid food – This evening, Julian had his first taste of something other than breastmilk: mashed sweet potatoes. He had a good time trying to shove the whole dish into his mouth. 


Sleeping in our bed – We’re not ready to transition him into the crib in the room he’ll eventually share with Henry, and he’s been protesting going back to sleep in the pack and play next to our bed after his first nighttime feeding. It’s not ideal, but we’re able to get some sleep, so it could be worse.

And what’s going on with big brother Henry?

Henry’s challenging times always seem to coincide with the half year mark. He’ll be three and a half in about two months, and he’s right on schedule with some epic tantrum throwing (“That makes me SO frustrated”), a moderate case of separation anxiety (“I need to be holded”), and just a touch of sibling jealousy (“I don’t want you to feed Baby Jude”). But, overall he’s still a super sweet boy. 

Feeling the brotherly love on St. Patrick’s day šŸ€

 He’s also gotten markedly more shy. Henry has always been a quiet, reserved guy around people he doesn’t know, but recently he won’t even acknowledge someone he’s not familiar with. I know exactly how he feels, and I don’t want him to ever feel that being shy is a bad thing, but I also want him to be comfortable in his own skin and not to be scared to speak up and share his thoughts. So, I offered him a piece of chocolate if he would say good morning to the contractor working on our kitchen.  This guy had been over at our house every weekday for the past two weeks. He is super friendly and always said good morning to Henry and asked him how he was doing, even though he got radio silence in return. Erin and I kept telling Henry how it’s important to let other people know that you see them, and you don’t have to do anything more than look them in the eye and say hello, and anyone that we invite into our home is safe to talk to, blah, blah, blah. All to no avail. But once a chocolate reward was on the line, Henry was saying good morning and answering questions like he hadn’t spent the past two weeks fervently avoiding eye contact. He was so proud of himself that he even said hello the next day without having to be bribed! 

Enjoying another chocolate bribe/reward, this time for not throwing any fits the entire day.



One thought on “Half a Year!

  1. This Grammy is very proud of her two special grandsons! And I can’t wait to see more of Julian mastering the food “thing”! Shall be very entertaining.

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