Sleep Training Lite (Nights 1 and 2)

After almost 3 weeks of co-(not)sleeping, we are sleep training Julian. He used to be a pretty good sleeper until the four-month sleep regression hit. Then, I just started not putting him back in the pack-and-play after he nursed, and pretty soon we were co-sleeping almost the entire night. It was around that time that we started putting him down asleep. I had totally forgotten, until his pediatrician reminded us at his six-month check up, that if you want a baby to learn how to self-soothe in the middle of the night you never put them down asleep.

So, here we are. We’re giving a modified Happy Sleeper approach a try first. And, we’re not yet moving him to the crib in the room he and Henry will share. We thought we’d give him a chance to develop some better sleeping habits before we tackle room sharing.

Night 1

8:20-8:25 crying, I go in to comfort him, pat his back, tell him it’s time to go to sleep, he settles down for like a second and then starts crying again.

8:25-8:28 more crying and then he falls asleep until….4:45! At which point, I nurse him and he sleeps in bed with us until about 7:00.

Night 2

It’s my turn to put Henry to bed, so Erin tries to put Julian down but he was in a cranky mood before bedtime and would not settle down for her to read him stories. After Henry is tucked in, I nurse Julian, he falls asleep, so I wake him up after transferring him into the pack-and-play. He is not happy.

8:17-8:22 crying, I go in to comfort him (pet his face, tell him it’s time to go to sleep), I leave, he’s still crying.

8:22-8:26 crying

8:26-8:34 on and off whimpering 

12:00 wakes up crying, I nurse him, put him down awake and he goes back to sleep with minimal fussing

3:00 wakes up crying, I nurse him, he starts crying when I put him down

3:09-3:16 crying, falls asleep on his own and sleeps until about 6:45

Henry’s sleep training cry-fest prepared me for the worst, so I’m pleasantly surprised by how well the littlest man is doing so far.


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