I guess I’m officially in my mid-30s now. Erin treated me to an overnight trip at the Hotel le Germain in Montreal. We brought the baby with us and left Henry with the grandparents.  We power shopped at some of the stores we don’t have in VT and then had dinner at the most amazing vegetarian restaurant in the student district, Lola Rosa. College students loooove babies, by the way. Seriously, it was like Julian was a special visitor from a faraway, magical land.

The next day we hit up IKEA, and spent about five hours (!!!!) buying things to outfit our newly renovated kitchen. Fortunately, Julian was screaming as we crossed the border so they didn’t give us any trouble over the one million boxes (give or take) in the back.

It’s not a trip to Montreal without some crepes


Reveling in the king size bed


We were going for a Scandinavian look for our Ikea trip

 I took my actual birthday off, and we spent most of the day assembling various kitchen items. 34 is terribly exciting. 

Erin also got us tickets to see Brandi Carlile in June and it would have been the best surprise ever, except two days earlier I had seen that she was coming up this way and I kept insisting that we buy tickets RIGHT NOW despite Erin’s best efforts to stall me. She finally had to tell me that we already had tickets. 

We had chicken pot pie and chocolate cake up at Erin’s parents’ house that evening, and we celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday as well.  

Aries mamas


So, 34, what do you have in store for me (besides never-ending IKEA assembly)???



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