Seven Months

How is my baby closer to his first birthday than his birth day?!?

This fellow is soooo close to crawling. For the past month, he’s been dropping himself down onto his belly from a seated position, and within the past week has mastered the inch worm crawl. He never seems satisfied with where he’s at developmentally, though. I thought he would really enjoy sitting up because he could interact with us and his toys more, but as soon as he started sitting up, that simply wasn’t good enough. The same with this new quasi-crawl. He just has no patience with the limitations of an infant body. 

So, what else is new? Julian is loving solid food. We gave up on our half-hearted attempt at baby-led weaning, mostly because he would get frustrated with how long it took him to get food into his mouth (he would much rather have us shovel food into his mouth for him) and because the fake choking thing freaked Erin out too much. His absolute favorite food is carrots, with Earth’s Best vegetable turkey dinner taking a close second. Canned, puréed meat sounds pretty gross to me, but to each his own…

Sleeping is still eh. He goes down really well, but is now staying in our bed 99% of the time after his first feeding, and nursing every 2 hours after that. I think it’s time to lay down the law again.

Erin’s leave ended two weeks ago, and Julian started having Grammy days. He sure does love his Grammy. Whenever she walks into the room he immediately reaches for her. I am beyond grateful that the boys get to spend this time with her.

Finally, a few photos to sum up the past couple weeks…

First time in the swing!

Baby gang


Kisses from Great Grammy

This face…agh, I can’t even!

First Beansie’s picnic of the season (no fries for the little guy just yet)

Maple Fest dress code

Maple Fest parade selfie

A boy and his balloon


4 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. I don’t know what Maple Fest is, but I want to go! I hope it means lots of pancakes.

    The boys are starting to look a little more alike to me, as J grows! Do you think they look alike?

    • Lots of pancakes, donuts, ice cream, and anything else you can flavor with or put maple syrup on!I’m starting to see the resemblance now too…we’ve been having fun looking back at pictures of Henry at the same age and realizing that they really are very similar looking (except for the eyebrows, of course)

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