8 Months!

Erin and I were scurrying around getting ready to leave for an Indigo Girls concert (#lesbians) yesterday night that we almost forgot to snap a picture of Julian in his 8 months sticker necktie.

What’s new in the past month? Julian is a proficient little belly crawler. I’m not sure he’s all that motivated to crawl on his hands and knees since he’s quite speedy and gets where he needs to go (i.e. everywhere he shouldn’t go) pretty quickly. He’s able to push himself into a sitting position from lying down, and he’s constantly trying to pull himself up into a standing position. This little man is literally keeping us on our toes.

Julian has also been adventurous in the vocalization department. On Mother’s Day morning, the first thing out of his mouth was a very articulate and enthusiastic “Dada!”

Mothers’ Day!

 He also says mumum, which I was flattering myself by thinking that he was trying to say Mommy, but I think he really means milk or food or “I want some unidentified object that I don’t have right now.” Our favorite new sound is this guttural growl, aka “the dragon.”

No teeth yet, but for the first time I think I can see two bottom teeth getting ready to come through. 

Gummy smiles are pretty great though.


6 thoughts on “8 Months!

  1. Happy 8 months Julian! And you are so right, those gummy smiles are the absolute best! Grammy sure loves our Julian.

  2. Other than the fact that your little ones are SO ADORABLE, the important thing that I have to comment is that we also saw the Indigo Girls last week. Did y’all see them in Maine or in Northampton?

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