A Visit from Grandma

My mom lives in Phoenix so we usually only see her (in person) about twice a year. This year, she came up for the 4th of July, and we crammed in about as much Vermont summery goodness into a week as possible.

First order of business: Beansie’s French fries at Battery Park

 Grandma at Henry’s favorite playground (one of the perks of having kids and grandkids is you don’t look like a weirdo playing on the awesome rope jungle gym).

Twinning at the playground.

Gondola ride up Mount Mansfield followed by a quick stop at the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.

Uncle Pat drove up from Philly for a brief 16 hour visit.

3rd of July festivities on the docks (Burlington does its fireworks on the 3rd so it doesn’t overshadow the smaller towns’ celebrations on the 4th). Henry, Julian, and I ended up watching the fireworks from the comfort of the relatively soundproof Boathouse office.

Can I have a sip of your G&T, Grandma?

Best (and most muscular) crew on the waterfront.

July 4th = beach + bbq

Miraculous one shot with the self-timer

We already miss you, Grandma!!


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