10 Months

Farewell single digit monthiversaries!

This little man is constantly on the move. Crawling, cruising, and climbing. 

He’s still a big fan of food of any kind, especially yogurt and berries (which are always so much fun to clean up).

Speaking of berries, we went blueberry picking for the first time as a fam. We picked five cartons, gave away two, and devoured the remaining three in less than a week.

Julian is quite the little jokester. One of his favorite games is to pull his big brother’s pacifier out of his mouth while he’s still sleeping or half awake and then laugh hysterically (Henry is still clinging to his “nookie,” despite a few failed attempts to convince him to let it go…I’m mostly confident that he’ll have given it up by the time he’s 16). Henry occassionally gets frustrated with Julian’s antics, but overall he still seems pretty happy with having a little bro.
Within the past two weeks, Julian has met two sets of second cousins (he has several more to meet; on Erin’s side, she has nine first cousins with kids).

Julian meets Julian.

And, just for fun, a little side-by-side comparison of the boys at 10 months. Because siblings love being compared to one another (for better or worse, we’ve been using the sibling rivalry angle to get Henry to eat his vegetables…I hope that doesn’t backfire…)


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