11 Months

Hello 11 months! This year is flying by!!

Henry wanted in on the photo shoot too (“Can I wear this flower forever?” He breaks my heart every day.).

The two major highlights of this past month are:

(1) No more nighttime nursing (Unfortunately, Henry’s going through a little sleep regression -probably the result of some starting preschool jitters – just as Julian is starting to sleep through the night); and       

(2) Walking…this boy will be running by his first birthday, eek!

Let’s see, what else is going on?

  • Julian has four teeth (two top, two bottom) with two more up top coming in.
  • He throws fits – like real little temper tantrums – if he doesn’t get what he wants immediately or something is taken away from him.
  • There isn’t anything this kid won’t eat. Raw tomatoes? Why not! Uncooked tofu? Seconds, please! Green beans, polenta, BBQ chicken, tuna…you name it, Julian will devour it.
  • Games! His favorites are “flip flop” (aka Henry and Julian flop on pillows or the nearest mom), peekaboo (obviously), and destroy anything Henry has painstakingly built (aka Babyzilla).
  • First words, maybe? It’s hard to tell. He points at things and makes deliberate noises that we don’t understand.

    Grampy’s blueberry muffins are a favorite.

BFFs. These boys were born exactly one month apart.

Boys in pink enthralled by the passing train.

Camping 2016 Round 2 – Stillwater State Park.


4 thoughts on “11 Months

  1. Love the recap and commentary, but mostly the great pics. Absolute cutest family ever! Xo

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. When listing favorite Julian foods, don’t forget those brown eyed susan’s that he devoured! Twice! 🌻🌻

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