Back to School

Today was Henry’s first day of preschool and Julian’s first day in the baby room!

Celebratory ice cream!

We don’t have our standard before school pics because poor Henry was really upset about the whole transition from the old toddler room, and the teacher he’s had for the past three years. After a week of putting on a very brave face and saying how excited he was to be a preschooler, I think it finally hit him that he was leaving the toddler room for good. The fact that Julian now gets Henry’s teachers probably didn’t help matters either.

At least Julian obliged.

But, after screaming at me to “turn this car around” and “don’t go any further” and “let me stay home by myself, you said that was an option” (note to self, don’t ever give options that I will not follow through with), he calmed himself down and said goodbye with no tears (thank goodness his best friend was already there playing trains). He ended up having a great day, and is excited to go back tomorrow.

Unsuccessful attempt at an after school pic.

Julian did pretty good; Erin was still hanging out with him by the time I left the baby room. There were a few tears when she left. When she picked him up a few hours later, his teachers reported that Henry had come over when both classes were outside to cheer up his little brothe – “Don’t worry Baby Jude, the madres are coming back.”


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