Thomas Land

Our train-loving toddler’s dreams came true about a week and a half ago when we took a little trip down to Massachusetts to check out Thomas Land.

It was a last minute decision when Hurricane Matthew forced us to abandon our original vacation plans of driving down to Myrtle Beach to visit  one of my best friends from college. The last time we had visited her, I was 8 weeks pregnant with Henry and she was 10 weeks along with her second daughter.

We were pretty disappointed to be stuck at home, but Erin had a stroke of genius while we were watching a Thomas movie on the evening we would have left for Myrtle Beach – mini road trip to Thomas Land! We even convinced Erin’s mom to come with us (side note – Julian woke up early both mornings, looked over at Grammy’s bed and furiously signed “more.” She would bring him into her bed and he would fall asleep for another hour. He never does that with us.).

We stayed in Plymouth for two nights. The weather was amazing (near 80s and sunny in mid October, what?!?), we ate some great seafood, checked out pilgrimy tourist stuff, and most importantly, we got to ride on a real live Thomas the Train. I may have cried a little watching how excited Henry was. Seeing the world through your child’s eyes is the best kind of vicariously derived joy.


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