To Henry, on his 4th birthday 

My dear, sweet Henry,

In the wake of a presidential election that feels like a bad dream, you, my beautiful baby boy, are turning four. 

Even when things seem pretty bleak, I look at you and know that there is still so much to hope for.

So, on your fourth birthday, here is a short list of four things I hope for you:

I hope you never stop asking “why.” I love your curious mind, and the way you always need to know what a word means, how something works, or why we do certain things. As much as the endless why’s test the limits of my knowledge and creativity (and, let’s be real, my patience), I appreciate that you don’t accept simple answers (“that’s just the way it is…”).

I hope you continue to find the magic and beauty in the small things all around you. You have shown me that a crack in the sidewalk can contain an entire universe worth exploring. It might take us 15 minutes to walk five feet, but you can be sure that no anthill has gone uninspected!

I hope you always feel comfortable being a sensitive, introspective, emotional type of fellow. 

 I hope your love affair with the moon (moonie) never ends. 

Happy birthday, sweet Henry! We love you as high as the sky, as deep as the ocean, and as far as Saturn!


3 thoughts on “To Henry, on his 4th birthday 

  1. Such a sweet letter to our sweet Henry. We are so grateful to have him in our lives. Happy Birthday Henry. We sure do love you. 💜

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