Tiny Violin

Henry is taking violin lessons. My sweet boy and his teeny tiny violin are a heartbreakingly adorable combination.

I think we’ve finally landed on the perfect activity for our shy guy. We  have tried gymnastics, movement class, soccer. All of which he would be super excited for before the class actually started. 

But, whenever we arrived and he realized that he was expected to run around with a bunch of kids he didn’t know, his enthusiasm quickly vanished. I know exactly how he feels. However, he, unlike me, is a pretty athletic and coordinated kid. He loves playing with the neighborhood kids. I’m hoping he’ll eventually find his team sport groove. And, if not, he can be an orchestra geek just like mommy.

So, Henry is taking lessons from my old fiddle teacher and he LOVES it. We had an awesome (and slightly corny) jam session/pajama dance party this morning that pretty much encapsulated the best elements of parenthood: joy, silliness, pride, and feeling like you’ve done something right in the world.
By the way, four is turning out to be a great age. We’ve weathered the almost-daily tantrums of year three and, for the most part, four-year-old Henry is able to process frustration or disappointment without flinging himself to the floor screaming. It’s a nice change.


9 thoughts on “Tiny Violin

  1. Omg that jacket is the cutest… I took violin lessons starting at age 6 and played for 20 years. I really hope my daughter will want to take up lessons. I don’t want to force her and have her resent it. How did you bring up the possibility of violin lessons? Did he request them or did you urge him to try it out?

    • We asked him if he wanted to try it. He said yes – like he does with everything – so, we scheduled a “try out” lesson and he was really into it. The teacher understands that at this age he may lose interest after a few lessons, so we are doing it on a trial basis. It’s a play-based lesson and we let him decide if he wants to play at home. Basically, we follow his lead and as soon as he says he’s done, we put the violin away.

  2. This Grammy is so proud of the parents that you two have become, it warms my heart as much as seeing that sweet boy holding his little violin. Patience through the tantrum stage won out!! Yay to you.

  3. This is adorable!! I started playing violin when I was four and am still going (I’m 24 now)! Fiddle tunes are still one of my favorite things to play 🙂 And I still have my tiny 1/8 size violin! Enjoy!

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