Baby and Babu


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “developmental milestone” type update. Now that Julian has a few words, Erin and I have been trying to recall some of Henry’s first words and phrases. Unfortunately, I took an almost two year hiatus from the blog after Henry was born. Certain words stick out- wee-oo for whipped cream; dip ya for thank you; gagow for pacifier. But, the other stuff has retreated to the recesses of our minds, unlikely to ever be recovered again. Like, I know he had a funny word for silos, but I have no idea what it was.

Julian at 17 months is much more of a talker than Henry was (who didn’t really start talking until he was almost two), but like his big brother his brain seems to be pouring most of its energy into physical development. He loves building with duplos, climbing everything, driving toy vehicles, running, and trying to jump up from the ground (this look a lot like sumo squats).

But books, by far, are his greatest passion…with food being a close second. As wild as he is, Julian will sit for at least 30 minutes and request book, after book, after book, after book. Usually, we have to read his favorites about five times in a row before moving on to the next.

In the expressive language department he signs: more, eat, book, thank you (if he gives us something), all done, naptime/night night, milk (fist raised defiantly in the air). He’s saying a few words spontaneously: baby (while pointing at himself, or a baby in a book), babu (big brother), ba ba (ball), ga ga (cracker), bye bye, boo, no (especially when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to be doing, like biting me while he’s nursing; I do appreciate the warning), wawa (water), ca (car), boop (poop), bella (belly button), bada (mama aka Erin, still no name for me yet, much like Henry). I’ve been working on this post for a couple weeks now, and new words are popping up every day. He’ll repeat some words, but he’s not really into that. He knows some animal noises (moo, hiss, woof, rawr – lots of animals say rawr: horses, pigs, chickens).

On the receptive side, he seems to pretty much get the gist of what we’re saying. He’ll nod yes or no in response to a question, and can follow simple directions. He knows basic body parts. He points out objects in a book.

Julian still devours anything you put in front of him. It’s hard to name a favorite, but he especially likes tomatoes, broccoli, berries, and onion.

He’s wild, strong willed, and keeps us laughing nearly all day long.


Henry is such a kid now. He went to his first birthday party that was not a family member or family friend. It was so neat to watch him interact with friends that he made on his own at school.

Violin lessons are going well. Although we did have to resort to bribery, I mean incentives, to motivate him to leave the house. This boy is a serious homebody. It’s hard to know when not to push something, but he enjoys the lessons so much when he’s there that we decided a little motivation in the form of Legos probably wouldn’t do any harm. 

Henry’s really gotten into playing independently. Up until about a month ago, he needed one of us to play with him constantly. It was almost incessant. We reconfigured our upstairs loft area into a baby-free play zone and he absolutely loves it. I love hearing him play out all sorts of different scenes. Every once in a while, I’ll overhear him saying something about a “daddy” character. Daddy is usually driving a vehicle I think. It must be something he picked up from school.

Speaking of daddies, I keep waiting for Henry to ask about different family configurations, but he hasn’t. I’ll read online about kids younger than Henry asking questions, but he just doesn’t seem curious about why some kids have other types of parents. We are surrounded by a pretty even mix of straight and queer families, so I guess whether someone has moms, dads, or any other type of parent, just doesn’t strike him as something to question.

Henry had gotten a little sassy lately. Sometimes if we ask him to do something, he’ll respond, “Sorry, can’t,” and walk away. It doesn’t help matters that most of the the time we start laughing before telling him (in our serious parent voices) that that isn’t a nice way to talk to us.

Most of the time, though, he is our sweet, sensitive boy.

Baby and Babu

Julian loooves his big brother, and much to Henry’s dismay, Julian loves playing with Henry’s toys (preferably while Henry is playing with a particular toy). This probably explains why Henry loves the baby-free play zone so much.

They do play hide-and-seek really well together; working as a team to find one of us. Henry holds Julian’s hand the entire time. It’s pretty adorable.

In spite of some of the sibling antagonism, I love watching together. They are so different, and I think they will balance each out as they get older.


4 thoughts on “Baby and Babu

  1. “Sorry, can’t!” I’m going to make that my new line at work!! I love it, hahaha!

    They are both so cute. Their little smiles and sparkly eyes are the best!

  2. This blog is absolutely my favorite reading material. I’m so proud of you for taking the time to write these beautiful memories!

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