April Wrap Up

2017 is flying by, and not even in a “the days are long, but the years are short” kind of way. Ever since the weather has begun to warm up it seems like bedtime pounces on us out nowhere. We were clearly suffering from some cabin fever, and now, we cannot get enough outside time.

The first really nice day happened to be my birthday (thank you, Universe!).

The good weather from my birthday stuck around for Easter, and we were actually hot during the Easter egg hunt. Unheard of!

 Julian’s new catch phrase is, “Side? Shoes?” while pointing at the door and nodding his head vigorously up and down.The fresh air has had a tremendous effect on Julian’s naps. He’s finally down to one two-hour nap. We’ve been able to synchronize the boys’ naps so we have a glorious break in the middle of the day to do whatever we want (sort of).

For the first time post kids, we are totally on top of our spring clean up and garden prep. Henry has been a big help: hauling mulch with his dump truck; raking; making sure our seedlings get plenty of love.

Today, April decided we were getting a little too comfortable with our new routine of outside all the time. 40 degrees and drizzly. We didn’t know what to do with ourselve. So, naturally we took a family selfie with each of us wearing a pair of Henry’s underwear on our head. 

May, we’re ready for you!


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