Summer so far

I can’t believe it’s already August! Where has this summer gone?

It’s been a rainy, rainy summer and we’ve barely scratched the surface of all of our favorite summertime activities. We better have an amazing, sunny, and warm fall.

Highlights of our summer so far include:

1. Henry’s first race (he didn’t want me to run with him and he held his best friend’s hand the entire time…oh my heart ❤️ )

2. Garden prep and eating dirt.

3. Beach Bites (food trucks + the beach = best combo ever)

4. Creemees!

5. Bob Dylan (most likely the one and only time the boys will ever see him live)

6. Fairy gardens

7. Biking (the boys loooove riding in the chariot…Erin will have calves of steel by the end of the summer)

8. July 4th 

9. Itty Bitty track and field (Henry was totally in his element)

10. Camping (cut short by Julian coming down with a fever, but lucky Henry got to stay another night with Grampy)

11. Hiking (photos by Henry)

12. Wedding season (note to self: weddings are more fun if you don’t bring your 4 1/2 and almost 2 year old)

13. General cuteness

The boys are getting along really well for the most part. Julian’s at an age where Henry doesn’t find him to be a complete nuisance. Henry loves to make Julian laugh and tries to get him to say ridiculous, and often inappropriate, phrases.

Henry continues to come into his own. Preschool has been great for his confidence; we’ve noticed a real change in his willingness to try new things.

Julian continues to be our wild, voracious, adventurous, funny guy. He’s got big emotions and makes sure we know exactly how he’s feeling. He’s very physical and very destructive. I thought our house was toddler proof, but this kid has a sixth sense for finding the most dangerous thing to do in a room. And, he thinks “no” and scaring us are hysterical.


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