Back to (pre) School!

I had a wonderful week off with the boys. We kicked off our staycation with a trip down to southern Vermont to visit friends of Erin’s parents. The boys loved country living: hikes in the woods behind the house, rolling down huge, grassy hills, splashing in the river (or, in Julian’s case, napping on the riverbank).

We had a pretty laid back week; I didn’t pack our schedule with a ton of activities. It was so nice to just hang out at home and do whatever we felt like doing. Erin and I kept telling Henry, “It’s vacation! You can do whatever you want!” To which he responded, “Whatever I want???” Thus, our revised staycation mantra became “It’s vacation! You can do whatever you want…within reason.”

At the end of the week, Erin stayed home with the boys while I went camping with a friend. 

Julian has been pretty attached to me lately, so I was worried that he would give Erin a hard time. I had no reason to worry; he had a great time just hanging with his Mama and big brother.

On Monday, the boys’ school re-opened and Henry began his final year of preschool and Julian moved up to the young toddler room. Henry loves being a preschool leader and Julian seamlessly transitioned into his new room. If only all transitions in life could go this well!

Unsuccessfully trying to get a first day of school sibling pic


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