October Round Up

This month was busy! Every weekend we had something going on. It’s been fun, but I’m looking forward to the first weekend in November when we have zero commitments and can just lounge around in our pjs all morning.

Weekend 1 – Conference

Erin held down the fort while I was away for four nights at a conference in Austin. My mom met up with me so I didn’t have too much time to dwell on how much I missed my family.  Erin sent this picture with the following message: Sometimes when it’s just one Madre, you make chocolate chip cookies on a Tuesday night and eat them while watching a little PBS on the couch 🙂 (yes, they already had a good dinner)

When I came home, Julian’s language had totally exploded. All of sudden, he started speaking in real conjugated sentences (mostly to tell us what he wants to eat – “I vanna onion” (I love his little vampire accent) – or how he feels – “I’m very happy”/”I’m so angy (angry)”).

Weekend 2 – 26.2 miles

No rest for the weary! A few days after I got back from the conference, I ran a marathon. It was the most unenjoyable marathon I’ve ever run (50 mph winds, hilly race course), but I had the best cheerleaders waiting for me at the finish line. I almost burst into tears when I saw them. Granted, it doesn’t take much to make me cry; but still, I was so incredibly happy to see their faces.

Julian’s been chanting “Go, Mommy, go” ever since. It’s pretty awesome getting cheered on while washing the dishes or folding laundry. 

Weekend 3 – Holland Pond

Some family friends lent us one of their hunting camps in a remote section of the state just across from the Canadian border. It was so beautiful, it almost didn’t even matter that we were up before sunrise each morning (thanks, Julian).

The boys were completely unphased by the dozens of deer antlers and skulls decorating the walls, but they were a little spooked by the sounds of the coyotes howling. Henry came in from stargazing the first night because, as he said, “I’m a little scared of the night sounds.” Julian is still talking about the coyotes. Sometimes at dinner, he’ll suddenly proclaim “Coyotes, scared!” He’s also going through a scaredy-cat phase where nearly everything is scary. My favorite was when he told us that he was scared of PBS. It reminded me of when Henry was the same age and terrified of the poinsettias at Christmas time.

Weekend 4 – Early Birthday Party

Henry looooves Halloween. He talks about it all year long. In August, our house started filling up with his artistic renderings of skulls, ghosts, and bats.

So creepy

We decided that since his birthday is fairly close to Halloween (3 weeks is close, right?), we would throw him a Halloween-themed birthday party. This was the first time he had his school friends over for a party. He was SO excited. 

Erin and I had planned a couple activities, but the kids had zero interest in any of them. They just wanted to play legos upstairs. We were able to lure them down for about five minutes to eat cupcakes. At one point, all the grown ups went upstairs to check in on them; we were swiftly kicked out. This worked out great for us. We got to drink wine and chat. 

October finale – Halloween!


2 thoughts on “October Round Up

  1. Wow! A marathon – that’s incredible! I almost always cry when embarking on a run like that (read: 10K?), so I’m sure I would be bawling when I saw my family!

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