Hello 2018

We’re taking down our Christmas tree today, which always makes me a bit melancholy. Our holiday season officially begins with cutting down a tree a day or two after Thanksgiving. And, the annual buffalo plaid family picture.

My mom and aunt flew in from desert and tropical climes to join us for a sub-zero Christmas celebration. My mom really wanted a white Christmas, and Vermont delivered!

A lot of folks are saying good riddance to 2017. The last year certainly had more than its fair share of disappointment, sadness, and anger. But, 2017 had plenty of sweet and joyful moments as well. Erin and I celebrated six years of marriage (and 12 years of being together!). I witnessed one of my oldest and dearest friends get married. My babies turned two and five.

So, I won’t say “good riddance” to 2017, but I am looking forward to what 2018 brings.


4 thoughts on “Hello 2018

  1. The 2017 Holiday Season didn’t disappoint one bit, and I am grateful to watch it through the wonder of those two boys. Much love to you all in 2018! Bring it on.

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