Springing Forward

The calendar says spring is a week away. You wouldn’t know it by looking out our windows.

While the snow piles up outside, we’ve been trying to not go completely stir crazy.

Erin got Henry on ice skates back in the beginning of February. He was so proud of himself for shuffling along without holding on to the milk crates.

Henry also got to ride on our friend’s snowmobile. Julian was having none of it and didn’t even want to go sledding (he’s more of a beach baby than snow bunny).

Julian has been eating his way through the winter. He frequently asks if we can either go to Costco to get samples or go downtown for ice cream. He recently discovered seaweed.Mmmm seaweed...

Julian has also been fine tuning his naughtiness. Erin’s dad had to come over not once, but twice, to rescue wooden trains from our toilets. Fun times. While he was fishing Spencer out of one toilet, Julian came running up to me and gleefully announced, “I flushed Percy!”

The boys have been very prolific in their artwork during these cooped-up days. I hate to throw anything out, but as much of a sentimental pack rat that I am, the piles of paper were out of control. And, we really don’t need 20 versions of the same Rescue Bot.

The boys are also playing relatively well together now that Julian doesn’t try to destroy everything Henry builds. Julian adores Henry – “I do it, just like big brudo does!” It’s basically the best thing ever to hear them giggling together up in their play space.

Even though it seems like winter will never end, we’re preparing for spring and summer.

Garden prep is underway!

Henry started swimming lessons. For a looooong time, he was not ok with group classes. So, we held off on the swimming lessons for a bit. He was really nervous about it and clinging desperately to me when we first got in the pool. But, by the end of the 30 minute lesson he was swimming back and forth without me (floaty pack on his back) and jumping in with the teacher’s assistance. He enjoyed it so much, he asked if we could go every day.

We attended kindergarten open house (what?!?!). Unfortunately, none of Henry’s preschool friends will be in kindergarten with him. But, one of Erin’s friends from high school has twins who will be at the same school. She’s splitting the twins up so, regardless of which classroom Henry ends up in, he will have a friend in his class.


3 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. Soon we will be having picnics in the backyard and corn hole games going. And this year, Heidi and I will once again be winners!!

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